I’m back

This is my millionth try at a blog.

Hopefully I can be a little more thorough and keep up with it this time around.

If not…

Anyway; today is September, 11th 2008. I usually spend the day trying to ignore the obivious meaning of the day. I live in NYC so the only way to ignore it is to shut  the T.V. off and sit down and find something to do.

This year I decided not to.

I turned the T.V. on and watch the newscast. Needless to say there was just saddness and heartbreak on it. I’ll admit to crying quite a bit. Even seven years later it doesn’t seem any more understanable than it was when it just happened.

I’ve got nothing interesting going on in this week. I’m back at Lehman College taking a couple of classes.

African American Theatre

Reporting I

Acting II and

Music Theory.

I suppose i am going to choose music as my major; but, we’ll see.

Next week promises to be a little more interesting. The newest Star Wars game The Force Unleashed will be..well…Unleashed. I have it pre-ordered and am ready to get playing.

In the meanwhile I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter Vs. X-men.

Dark Knight is going to be re-released in January; so I’ll be back at that at the beginning of next year.

I never know what to say in these blogs.  I should be concerned with other things. But I’m not so…whatever.

I promise more interesting post in the future; especially when the Pretenders come around!

Break Up the Concrete is coming!!!!!!!!!!

Break Up the Concrete is coming!!!!!!!!!!


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