Sometimes You Just Wish…

So Today is Engels Birthday…yay.

He Turns 22, I didn’t have anything planned today, because I’m lacking funding, but I did intend to spend the day with him. Which I did. Earlier in the week I had gotten him Final Fantasy IV,

Still one of the best

Still one of the best

one of my favorite games of all time and today he seemingly had reached the near end. There’s no problem with that I just wanted him to enjoy this day to the fullest.

Aside from that there’s nothing really interesting going on. Today I was content with sitting in my house with Engels and not doing anything, that’s good.

This brings me to the title of today’s blog.

Sometimes you just wish that a day won’t end. Even a boring day where nothing extremely interesting is happening. Today was one of those days for me. I was totally satisfied playing Alien Vs. Predator (the old capcom one) with Engels on my psp. It’s better than going to work and school and there was something deeply interesting about just being with Engels.

The flip side to that is that I’m anxiously awaiting a couple of events in the future. The nearest is the release of The Force Unleashed on Tuesday.

still waiting

still waiting

The Furthest is probably the release of Quantum of Solace which is scheduled for a November 14th release.

In the middle there is a Pretenders day. Break Up The Concrete is going to be released on the 7th of October and it seems that there is going to be two coinciding shows that day. One on Good Morning America (bleck) and the other one at an actual venue (YES!). Just need to get my money together and I’m all set.

It’s good to be seeing the Pretenders again; I can recall the last time I saw them and it always seems like I’m not living completely when there are no plans to see them. I’m obviously anxious to hear the new material live; but, also to see how the “new” band plays. I’ll be honest losing Adam Seymour was a hard thing to take; to me he’s still is the best guitarist since James Honeyman-Scott, so to have this new guy (plus a steel pedal guitarist) seems like a shock to the system. Sure they can play the new songs well; but, can they hit the classics?

"By The Way You Look Fantastic In Your Boots of Chinese Plastic"The few shows they’ve done have shown an abscense of some of my favorite songs which in a way worries me a lot. There’s only one way to see and that is with my own two eyes and ears.

In the far future we have the re-release of The Dark Knight which is sure to set my stuff on fire all over again. I won’t go into a TDK rant; because, they’ll be enough of those soon enough.

Indeed; sitting here now I wish Engels were here and that we were still sitting on my bed playing psp. Not because the psp is anything drastically amazing; but, sometimes, Engels can be…and it’s days like that I want to have more of and don’t want to end. Because all the video games, Bond movies, Pretenders shows and Dark Knight fanaticism can’t compare to the idea of being with the one you love the most.

That is when he isn’t pissing me off.


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