I initially planned to write this blog while listening to the newest Pretenders songs available at http://www.thepretenders.com; but, today they seem to be moving slow in getting it up. That’s unfortunate.

The ironic thing is that the feeling I have right now on the new Pretenders song is the same I have for life currently. It’s a long and, sometimes, impatient waiting.

Bond Is Back

Bond Is Back

It seems that this year has been the year for waiting for me. I waited for Dark Knight; I waited for school; I waited for Engels. I’m waiting for “Break Up The Concrete” and subsequently a tour, I’m waiting for Qauntum of Solace. It seems as if nothing is happening anytime soon and it can be a little frustrating. The good side to that is that I know they will eventually come and when they do I’llenjoy them, I’m sure; but, what the hell do I do in the meantime.

Right now I’m waiting for my acting II class to start; and I have an whole hour to sit here and blog to all of you in the meantime.

That’s not to say my day wasn’t filled with some positives. I’m always scared about failing at music; but, today I understood what the hell my professor was talking about and it made me feel like I was worth a little something.

The Force Unleashed is being released today; however I won’t be able to get my copy until Friday. I’m excited to see what’s in this game. They’ve been harping about it for a little more than a year now and Lucas Arts seems to be getting better at making games. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to ever go back to the days of Masters of Tera Kasi and Jedi Power Battles.

The biggest question in my mind is this: How will The Force Unleashed fit into the Star Wars universe? It gets tiring when we’re always going back between episodes and saying “well that person has to die because they’re not in the next episode.” and then seeing the result and getting a vague answer (I’m talking about you Clone Wars) I would hope that The Force Unleashed fits easily into the Star Wars Universe making more sense of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. Furthermore how can they make this new apprentice so strong without undermining the powers of all the Jedi before him and some of the people after him. If he’s so Strong then why didn’t he just destroy the Empire?

Halloween is coming and that means crunch-time at my job. This year just feels as if it’s going to be more hectic then last. It’s really unbareable now because my I-pod doesn’t work (again) and I have no other form of music. I’ve been getting by witrh playing my PSP; but, sooner or later I’m going to have to buckle down and either get the I-pod fixed (again) or buy the appropriate software to get music on the PSP.

With Dark Knight passed and “BreakUp The Concrete” not happened yet; this has been a very unusually quiet part of my year. I promise in three weeks there’s going to be a lot to say.

I cannot wait to see the Pretenders October 7th!

and yet…I still am Waiting.


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