Another Way To Die…Literally.

Skip to about 55 minutes and listen to “Another Way To Die”; the newest edition to the Bond Song collection for the New Bond Movie Quantum of Solace.

I’ve been waiting for this song for a long time now. I followed the Circus act of Winehouse is doing; Winehouse is not doing it and here we are the unveiling of “Another Way To Die.”

I don’t like it. Its hard to believe it took this long to make THAT song. The Idea of bringing Jack White was a risky one that could have worked if he was worked with closely with a producer who knows the Bond sound and how to have the song reflect the nature of the film.

“Another Way to Die” is Jack White doing what he does best; making odd; but good music.; however this isn’t the venue for that. Alicia Keys being in it is purposeless. You can’t even make out her singing except for a few “ohhhs” and “Ahhs” at the end. White dominates the song and the “blending” of Vocals comes off like a competition. As if Both of them Submitted the same song as rivals and then the producer decided to put the two songs together.

The fear is that when the opening sequence ends and the Song and title sequence begins it will pull away from everything and draw too much attention to itself. The song doesn’t seem like it’s going to fit at all. That’s SO unfortunate.

The most Underrated Artist of the Decade.

The most Underrated Artist of the Decade.

(I can’t believe I’m going to say this) The up side is that I’m looking forward to Amy Winehouse saving the day. She’s apparently very upset the Producer’s pulled out from her doing the song and gave the song away and she even threatened to officially release her Bond song the same day the official song is to be released. I hope her threat still stands; as much as I don’t feel anything for Winehouse I do feel that she probably has done a better job than the White/Keys “duet” (if you can call it that) and it would fit much more with the movie. I still hold on to my belief that Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings should do the next Bond song; there’s no one out there better suited to do it.

Moving on to more “Bad” music news…

Britney Spears’ album is being leaked:

I don’t know what to say to that sound…it’s horrifying. This is what Britney sounds like Sober? I hate so say this; but, give that woman some cocaine. was very slow in bringing up the new song “Rosalee” yesterday; but, they’ve got it done. The song is ok.  I’m not Blown away; that leaves “Break Up The Concrete” the song…here’s to hoping.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting The Force Unleashed so that’s something to look forward to. and Saturday I’ll be getting the Pretenders Tickets.

The Next Month is going to be fun! I can’t wait!

In the meantime I’ll leave you with some Trailers:

Here’s the Second T.V. Spot for Quantum Of Solace:

And the 24 T.V. Movie Trailer 24:Redemption:


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