“Maybe Tomorrow…Maybe Someday”

Halloween is almost here and I haven’t begun to construct my costume.

I’m a  little concerned that I won’t be able to get all the parts of the costume in the next three weeks; but, if I’m lucky and frugal enough there shouldn’t be any reason why I don’t.

Since the last time I blogged nothing has really happened; I’ve been spending my days playing my Genesis Emulator on the PSP; enjoying old school games like “Pirates of Dark Water” , “Monopoly” and “Sonic SpinBall”. The old games still back that same punch and can even hang with some of the games of the present day.

Movie and T.V. news is the same. Quantum of Solace and 24 are still coming out…yay!

Break Up The Concrete is coming out Tuesday along with the show at the Highline Ballroom. It’s almost here and I am more than almost ready. I have yet to hear the last two songs on the album (“Break Up the Concrete” and “One Thing Never Changed”) but; I’m tempted to do a mini review of the album. I won’t, there are other things I can talk about.

Yesterday I visited my grandmother in Queens. A spur of the moment “Daycation” with my mother. It was very nice; the last time I had seen her was Christmas of 07′ and its always a pleasure to be in her company. It’s bitter sweet when you love someone like a grandparent, because you’re watching them get old. Yesterday she repeated herself a lot, her memory isn’t great and she now walks with a cane. But at Seventy-something what do you expect right? That being said she still has her wit. While my mother and I were watching T.V. something brushed against our feet (a hair from Max, my grandmother’s very overweight Welsh Corgi) and we both looked down to inquire. She asked us what was wrong and we said “nothing” to which she responded.

“oh ok…let me know if I have to run”

That single line made me smile the rest of the day; it’s moments like that that remind me I’m a lucky guy. I don’t have a lot; but, what I do have is top notch.

It was good to take this “daycation” with my mother; we barely ever go out together anymore and sometimes it’s just good to get away…even if it is just to Queens. I was little upset Engels didn’t come. He couldn’t because he had to work; but, I don’t know as much as he annoys me and bores me sometimes I never seem to want to do anything without him.

Before my mother and I left for Queens we were coming down the stairs in our building and she, quite vocally, sung: “Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe someday. You’ve Changed…” That’s probably the extent of what she knows; but, it was funny to hear my mother sing a Pretender’s song, unprompted. Sometimes I wonder if she can really process what the Pretenders are to me…

That brings me to “Talk of the Town”…If you haven’t heard it..do so now.

There’s a few things I wanted to bounce off the internet before my next post; which will probably be all about the concert and what not.

#1: The Presidential debate: Wasn’t it interesting? Both candidates performed well and at some points even seemed human, McCain called out Obama on some of his policies, and Obama called out McCain on his telling half of the story about Obama’s policies. I think if we had to pick a ‘winner’ It would have to be…


I mean the guy was so on-point, more than what anyone really thought he would be. This was to supposed to McCain’s bag; but, Obama proved he’s not a push over. Now…for the Vice Presidential debates.  To quote Matt Damon (probably the last time I do this) “She’s like a bad Disney Movie”


Now for everyone who knows me, knows that I can’t stand stupidity and gimmicks. This is the whole reason why I don’t watch foolishness like “SmallVille”; but, no matter how hard I try to get away it finds me. There’s really no other way to explain why they would make a show about a Pre-Robin Dick Greyson aside from…desperateness. CW has been struggling to stay afloat in ratings long before it’s switch to the new name. To show a Gotham and not show Batman is like to read the bible and not mention Jesus. It’s pretentious and desperate.

#3: Here in NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg (whom I’m fond of) is apparently going to try to run for a third time. He cites the economic disaster as his reason; but, I’m sure he considered this before the crisis. I like the guy. Giuliani came in here and made the city look nice; but, Bloomberg came in here and actually made the city a nice play to live and visit. The guy is to the point and will not apologize for doing the right thing. I think he’s about as honest as a politician can get and he seems to know whats best. The man is planning for the future of New York well after he’s gone. This is not to say that he’s perfect; I draw major issues with his handling of the schools. It’s essentially help the ones that are doing well and let the rotting ones die. While schools are there to educate kids they are severely undermining the staff and the good people who help the kids. The kids in high school are not all smiles and hallmark cards; some of these kids are horrible; filthy, rude monsters and it takes a real dedicated person to put up with them. But nothings perfect…is it?

Until next time…


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