Why I Hate American Idol

American Idol.

American Idol cannot be the honest standard for American music these days for these reasons:

#1: Everyone on American Idol is looking for fame. I’ve yet to see someone on American Idol say that they love singing so much that they’d be happy if they didn’t win; just singing in front of people is enough. Everyone on the show is looking for their first royalty check before they even get into the first judging. While it’s not a problem that people want to get famous; it is a problem when being famous out does you want for the music.

#2: Judging is extremely biased! No one watches the show and votes without having the judges comments in mind. If the show wants to really get America’s opinion just do the show with the musical acts and vote; do the vote on the results show. Plus look at the judges: Randy Jackson, (Producer to such talentless acts like the RECENT Mariah Carey. He doesn’t produce music, he produces voice from a computer) Paula Abdul (A singer whose Career tanked worse than the Titanic) and Simon Cowell (this is the man who puts together albums for talentless; but, profitable acts like the Power Rangers and Alvin & the Chipmunks)who says they’re qualified to judge these marginally talented kids?

#3: The signing is clearly for those people who have NEVER experienced a live act before. The singing at best is “ok”. The poor kids have to look left at the camera and then move gracefully to the right and look into camera B longingly as if they’ve lost someone they really care about. All of those theatrics (combined with the dumbest Auidence; swaying thiner hands back and forward during every slow song and clapping at any horrible performance)must make it hard to concentrate on FEELING the music. Ever seen Tina Turner on stage? She most certainly doesn’t have the time to worry about Camera B and looking pretty so that every shot they take of her can make the A.M. news the next day.

#4: It’s on T.V.! Just being on the television already takes away from your musical credibility; if you can’t make a song SOUND good you can’t substitute that for making a song LOOK good.

If you want American Idol to be credible…

Put it on the Radio.


4 Responses to “Why I Hate American Idol”

  1. Whatever happened to Paula is a shame and you shouldn’t say that because she’s got this new album out produced by Randy Jackson and I have to tell you that the songs are actually pretty good. The songs will surprise you because they don’t sound like Paula, its obviously a computer with a “Paula” nametag on it, but the songs are catchier than Britney’s new stuff. I’ve heard them all and I judged them so.

    Simon Cowell on the other hand, I don’t know why you are hating on the Power Rangers and Alvin and the Chipmunks because our generation idolized them (I’m guessing you’re from my generation). The boy bands that he managed (or w/e) were popular enough to not be (and today still aren’t) considered to be talentless. If you don’t like their music then its okay with the rest of us cuz every person has their own taste in music, but calling these five mediocre guys talentless for singing these corny but catchy songs is wrong. To each his own.

    But American Idol itself does stink. It never was about the music to begin with. Its about who looks good and sounds alright enough. They figure that something that looks good will sell better than something that doesn’t, and that their voices can be and will be fixed with a machine. Its a business, and its TV, and its money rolling in their pockets.

  2. ecanny man Says:

    I have to say your correct. Unfortunately, the title American Idol is perfect for how it’s operating.

  3. Huggers Says:

    Ironically these American Idol people are among the only singers who CAN sing live without needing computer help. I think you are just jealous that it isn’t you getting the breaks.

    • Our definition of ‘singing’ may be different. Some of them are competent but, when you look at actual, good singers they usually are the furthest thing from these American Idol Contestants.

      Anyone who could take a show that willingly admits that style, look an attitude are apart of the formula for a good singer, is deeply confused.

      I’d rather have a competition of some ugly, unkept powerhouses than the pretty modernity that they set us up with.

      There’s nothing to be jealous of either, they appear and then vanish, I exist unconditionally without the sacrifice of my art for millions of viewers. If I wanted to be on American Idol, I’d audition.

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