Review: Spider-man Web Of Shadows (Amazing Allies Edition)

“I still think that the first game for Spider-Man on the Playstation is still the best”

I said that whilst simultaneously paying for the newest webslinger release “Web Of Shadows” for the PSP. I’ve seen a few screen shots for the game and was interested in how the game looked. There was a darker more serious tone to the look; very different from the abysmally kid-friendly “Spider-Man Friend or Foe”. I was almost convinced that this game was going to break new ground for the Spider-Man series which, in my opinion, has been declining since the release of “Spider-Man 3” in the theaters.

Spider-Man Web of Shadows implies some sort of deception…something is hiding in the shadows and Spider-Man has to uncover the secret. Well this is true only if #1: YOU are Spider-Man and #2: the secret is that the game is a load of crap.

I instantly knew I had been duped when I started the first level. The screen shots I saw must have only applied to the PS3 because the game’s graphics are anything but groundbreaking. The game consist of Spider-Man walking, slinging, wallcrawling around to the orders of Nick Fury after a symbiote invasion takes over Manhattan (Is this sounding like EVERY other Spider-Man game yet?); the only real difference is that now you can switch between the Red suit and the black symbiote suit which has a different set of abilities and moves.

In addition to the costume changes the game offers the player to make choices in conversations with other characters and civilians in the game. Usually there are three sets of answers: A light hearted and funny “Red” answer, A bland and normal Neutral answer and a mean spirited and cynical “Black” answer. Depending on how you answer you receive reputation points to whatever suit you’ve answered most like. So if you answer with a “Black” answer then you get some reputation points to the symbiote suit which will, later, allow you to buy some power-ups and skills that’ll more than likely NOT come in handy during regular gameplay.

Aside from that there’s nothing else to the game; the majority of the time is taken going back making sure you didn’t leave any items behind. The game gets EXTREMELY redundant after the first level and the lame jokes Spider-Man tells at random points aren’t enough for a chuckle.

The game is also extremely short; must have taken me somewhere between six to eight hours to run through once and I started a new game plus; but, I’m not at all interested in going through the whole process of figuring out the convoluted; yet, simple plot all over again.

Web Of Shadows does nothing for the franchise and the boasting of a whole new storyline written by premium writers just becomes embarrassing when you play the game full through. Spider-Man’s limited movements are frustrating, you want to throw web and toss bad guys around; but, all Spider-Man is able to do is web them and then go back to his routine punch combo or kick combo.

Considering the game cost me about $40 bucks to buy, I would call it a rip off. I’m not surprised the lax Activision would put a game out of such low caliber.

I should mention that there are summon creatures in the game which consist of some other Marvel heroes and Villains like Shocker, Black Cat, Hobgoblin and Nightcrawler; however, the animation for these summons are so bland and quick you could miss them and not even care.

The Back cover of the game says “How Far will you go to save New York?” and the question ought to be “How Far CAN you go to save New York” The game is so constricted (on the psp) that I can’t imagine how anyone could see this game as open ended and fun.

If you like Spider-Man get the game I guess; but, don’t expect much. All the characters are extremely under-written and don’t have time at all to seem like their selves. Venom is a mere shell of himself and characters like Luke Cage and Nick Fury seem like dinner theater actors phoning the performance in.

Overall: 5.7/10

I urge you not to buy this game. Really; I don’t say this much; but, it’s a waste of time and money.


2 Responses to “Review: Spider-man Web Of Shadows (Amazing Allies Edition)”

  1. well i guess i’m not the only one 🙂

    I reviewed the PSP version

  2. another point i missed is the cheesy voice acting, it just doesn’t sound right

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