America: The Double Edged Sword

So Barack Obama is the President Elect.

It’s rather odd watching the news and seeing history being made; I know years from now I’ll see clips of last night and be able to place where I was and how i felt. It’s like looking into the future to watch myself look into the past. An odd feeling by all accounts; but, one I can be proud of for the rest of my life.

To think that 51 years ago African American’s gained the ability to vote and here they are now winning presidential elections and such. It’s the end of a political season that has been both tiring and bruising. I’ve never felt so strongly about politics; I get involved, I have my opinion; but, I’ve never really been sure of something like this before. Watching how the race started and how it has ultimately finished is a stark difference.; but, to quote Chrissie Hynde “One Thing Never Changed” and that’s Barack Obama’s respect and moral integrity. Above all he didn’t bother to stoop to the levels of the McCain/Palin ticket (which was done out of desperation) and stayed the example of a proud American working at full capacity without sacrificing his/her moral beliefs and standards. It has made me even more proud to live in this country and share it with everyone who is here…even the disgusting bigots who I’ll refer to right now…

In not so happy news; California, Arkansas and Florida have taken a step backwards while the rest of the nation happily jumped forward. Proposition bigot, er, I mean eight passed in California allowing for same sex marriages to be illegal under the states constitution. A similar bill was passed in Florida and Arkansas passed a bill banning Homosexual couples from adopting children.

There is seriously something wrong with a country that doesn’t want to extend benefits for people who date different people from the rest of them. These propositions are clear and blatant examples of the bigotry that still exist within the country; that I hope Obama will address in his Presidency. It’s strange to see that adoption by same-sex couples is illegal. In a country that has so many needing children who need a family; you would think people would try to make it as easy for them as humanly possible; but, because they don’t agree with people’s lifestyle. It’s sick and it’s retroactive.

This brings me to the point of why I’m proud of African Americans for proving that I’m 97% right all the time. I used to say:

“African American’s won’t make it anywhere; because they refuse to stick together and instead want make it as individuals and never as a group of people. Their struggles in the past have been almost nulled by the current generation and unless something major happens their going to settle for anything.”

And essentially I’m right. Yesterday they showed that they could come together and totally smash the odds. They took something that could grasped the election. Imagine what else they could achieve if they worked together?

And now I’m saying the same thing about Homosexuals. They really need to go out there and stop excepting Civil Unions. Start Demanding marriage and if they don’t give it to you; take it. I’m not promoting violence; I’m promoting taking whats your right as an American person. It’s time to stop being complacent and start being loud and obnoxious. I’m proud of my African American Brothers and sisters for sticking together and now I need my homosexual, bisexual whateversexuals to stick together and get what they deserve.

Even more so it would be my ultimate dream to see the African American community embrace the Homosexual community and recognize they’re still back there. They’ve moved up and it’s time to look back and lend a helping hand. Don’t make the double-edge Sword of America’s tolerence get sharper. Sharper your end for equality and rights and dull the end of seperate; but, equal mindsets.

Together America can be the place in the world that everyone should look at.

And that Day Could always be Today.


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