Review: Quantum Of Solace

Bond Is Back.

It’s such a cliche that has been over the years in the franchise and I had to use it at least once. But; however may, corny the line might be it has always been true.

The Bond film franchise is the longest running movie franchise and the most successful. It has introduced phrases and events into the world that will probably not be forgotten anytime soon. Starting with Dr. No Sean Connery helped shape what action movies would like in the future. Goldfinger helped introduce gadgetry and Bond superior wit as well as the idea of the “Bond” title song. Moonraker showed Bond could go into space. License to Kill showed Bond could seek revenge. Goldeneye showed Bond could bounce back after eight years of silence and Casino Royale showed that Blond locks could not conquer the Bond lock on the world.

Daniel Craig arguably had the most difficult task in becoming the new Bond in terms of how how he was viewed in the eyes of the press and media. But in 2006 he took his newly printed license to kill and blew audience’s away with the masterful Casino Royale. Craig always said that for the next one the burden would be more difficult to create a movie better than the first.

So at first, long, glance Bond 22 which would aptly be named “Quantum Of Solace” would be the most difficult Bond movie to make. Making matters even worse the choice to make Quantum a direct sequel to Royale came almost immediately after the films announcement.

Problems of all sort would follow: Writers Strikes, who’s going to direct, trying to find a Bond girl, angry government officials, perilous accidents, the choice for the singer of the title song, the strange title choice. It seemed Quantum was poised to be doom from the start I’m afraid…

Thank goodness none of that slowed down the film at all. Quantum of Solace is the solidification one needed to prove that Craig has beaten out Connery for best Bond actor. It’s a high octane action film with some serious heart. And while it does work on it’s own it is better in conjunction with Casino Royale.

Many critics in early reviews slammed Quantum for being too short and too action oriented; saying that at best it makes a excellent action film; but, an average Bond film. This simply is not true. The Bond elements are their; but, they are under tremendous amounts of strain and that is shown masterfully by Daniel Craig.

Quantum shows Bond on only his second mission as a 00 Agent and the vulnerability of Vesper Lynd’s death in Casino Royale still haunts him as well it should considering the movie opens only minutes after Royale ended. Anyone looking for quick one liners and the usual Bond pleasantries have lost focus on the story being told and decided to become a slave to the idea that tradition may never be broken save in failure. Quantum explores a deep part of the psyche as to why Bond is the way he is without becoming too introverted. It’s still an action film; but, there are some deep thoughtful moments within the film.

The acting in the film is still top notch; from the emotionally damaged Bond; to the vengeful Camille, to the snide Dominic Greene, to the questioning M; everyone is on par and helps to make their part of the film more watchable than the last. Without a doubt Quantum goes out of it’s way to deliver a dark, forbidding tale of revenge and death and does it with the finesse of a blunt club dressed in the finest silk.

The action is superior to all other actions films; not necessarily because of technique; but, what shows on screen a lack of technique. The fights look gritty and dirty; this isn’t like choreographed studio fighting; these people look like their really going at it.  The same goes for the Car sequence, in which, I found myself gripping my seat. It wasn’t spectacular in form; but, man did it look REAL. Quantum delivers the action and continues to. The movie is punctuated by some great sequences and despite what I’ve read from critics they are NOT gratuitous and all serve a point.

That’s not to say that the movie is perfect; there are aspects of the film one could do without. The shaking camera has never been a problem for me before and i fact it enhances the reality of the film; but, during some sequences it was hard to tell what was happening and took away from the action. This was minor; but, occurred in the beginning dampening my first impression. Some chances are taken with the editing creating a frantic way of viewing some sequences; but, it’s not horrible the risk are taken out of the idea of making art and they can be off putting for an average viewer.

The only real stinker about this movie was the title song. Bond fans know that when the opening title song suffers it subsequently drags the movie down too. It’s supposed to our window into he rest of the film; and get us excited for what’s next. And, in a way, it achieved that goal; Because when it came on I couldn’t wait for it to end and for the next part of the film to start. “Another Way To Die” is the worst fitting Bond song yet and no one in the audience seemed particularly interested in hearing it again.

Overall Quantum of Solace is a great movie and it’d be a mistake to miss it. It’s got everything that Casino Royale had and sometimes more and takes away the length of it’s predecessor; but, the movie did not feel short to me.

Score out of 10



One Response to “Review: Quantum Of Solace”

  1. Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least… a lot of high quality visuals, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

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