Nothing to do will give you nothing to say

I’ve been away for a little while; but, that’s only because I’ve been lazy and not very busy.

As you can tell I enjoyed Quantum of Solace, a good quality film that achieved the objective it set out on.

Other than that I haven’t been really doing anything; except playing with my laptop and watching T.V.

24: Redemption was on the other day and I also enjoyed that.

I’m sitting in my reporting class right now trying to figure out what I’m going to write for my final. I have to do a three paged paper on a story of my choice. I have chosen, subsequently, to do a story on Proposition 8’s potential effects on New York City. I, hopefully, plan to interview some people with the idea that maybe proposition 8 will hold hope for their beliefs for New York in the future. That way I can craft a story of two New York’s that are going to be effected by the ripple of the crater known as proposition 8.

The biggest problem with that is that I can’t figure out what the story is. I mean I have the idea; I have the plan; but, why should anyone care? Where is the conflict? The other issue is that I don’t know where I’m going to find an avid “Yes for Prop 8” person in NYC that is going to #1 speak to me and #2 not drive me up a wall with their ignorance,

I hope that Barry and Doron could give me some good quotes and insights; but, it’s really a interview with someone at the center that I’m hoping for. It’s a high level very prominent place to do an interview at and it’ll give me a chance to go out and do some more information searching.

I just don’t know what I want the story to focus on…

Also I’m supposed to have this thing memorized for Acting II by 3 pm and it’s already 1:38pm and I don’t know anything.

I can’t wait til this day is over and I can rest til thanksgiving.

I probably won’t blog til after then, since I never have anything to say.

In the meantime i should plug some of my fanfictions, I know I’m a dork but you can find them at:


i’ll be back soon; hopefully I’ll have a job then.


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