Burning Bored

Did you know that I hated the summer. Its hot and sticky and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get comfortable.

Enough of that.

So I’ve been spending time writing my fan fiction, which I call my novel, its going as well as one can hope right about now. I want to be done with this portion this week but, it may not be a possibility if I can’t get my creative juices flowing again.

There’s nothing going on at all, I’m writing this blog post out of guilt because I’ve been neglecting this page for a little while now. I’m wondering when my friends from college are going to get back to me, I suspect a few may come to the blog every now and then and I know one told me in an email he did (if you’re reading this you know who you are, EMAIL ME) I have a thing for them I suppose, I don’t know if it’s a sexual thing or not but, I hate not knowing that, I want to be clear so I don’t sit here wondering what’s going on in my mind.

I would talk politics but, I don’t want to degrade too much right now. The fact that people are jumping on Obama for calling a stupid set of actions an officer made “stupidly”. It’s not as if he said to send the racist asshole to the lions, He simply stated what is true but, it’s like playground antics, you HAVE to get back you MUST try to knock the knees from the giant by saying he’s insensitive. Suddenly now he’s putting down all law enforcement? Give me a break, if you want something to complain about law enforcement complain about the lax gun laws in this country. Oh and why is Obama offering them lunch now? I HATE that he’s just too nice sometimes, the Gates situation is not that important, it needed attention it got it now it’s over why do we need to have lunch and a beer?

Sarah Palin: for someone who wants to get out of the elite liberal media she keeps making silly statements of “leave me alone” when no one seems to really care any more about her leaving than her getting out. Do I think she should step down? I don’t know her that well she’s probably great in Alaska why is this breaking news? And why is she still taking jabs? Back out gracefully, we’ll see you in 2012 I’m sure.

New York State Senate: you should all be fired.

Sotomayor: I’ve never seen such odd hearings before essentially it was a bunch of white men saying “do you promise not to think like a latino woman?”

I saw Harry Potter, the first one I’ve bothered to see. Wasn’t bad, Wasn’t amazing but, the best this year I’ve seen.

Please read my fanfiction, please please please please!!!!!!!

Here’s the link:



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