Non Sunt? Veriatis Et Periculum?

It’s 12:46 on a Thursday afternoon and my mind is shooting with one big problem.

I don’t know how I got duped into taking a Latin course but, I now find myself sitting in an hour and forty minute class wondering if I’m ever going to catch up to the current knowledge base.

It’s not a fun thing to feel stupid, I almost want to jump out the window and scream. This makes my appreciation for stupid people a lot less too, I don’t see how they can live with themselves. One session of that class and I feel like ending what’s left of my wretchedly horrible and unintelligent life. It’ s not that I’m getting it, I’m just not getting it fast enough, we cover so much in class so fast, its barely audible at some point. With all sorts of strange exceptions and rules I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up. Even worse the other  people seem to be getting it pretty easily too. It’s almost if I’m a part of this elaborate hoax to mess with my psyche…

Either way I don’t have a choice but to get it and to get it soon. I have a test next class so Its time to nut up or shut up. I can’t stand that term but, it’s the only one that came to mind that wasnt too cliche.

Other than that my classes aren’t too bad, there’s always that one class that has to be the bad apple and keep me from sitting back and cake walking this entire semester and this time it’s latin. Justice and Society isn’t much of a problem, I’m able to think creatively and write well so I shouldn’t be too hard pressed to get some answers and knowledge out of it. Bible as a text is a simple excercise in memory and repetition, laid back class not too much to think about. God, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the usual suspects. And finally Playwriting which doesn’t seem to be an issue at all, all I have to do is write fiction…is that a cinch or what? at the end I simply need to have written a one act play or a multi-act play. I have til December so that shouldn’t be an issue at all, the hardest part is starting.

Concert season is over and I don’t know what or when the next concert will be, through the grace of selling and Mia I was able to go to the concerts we got through in the summer. I didn’t review them all because I got lazy but, we attended Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy in June and Hall and Oates in Brooklyn in August right before the Pretenders in Central park. Both the shows were great in their own ways. Distant Worlds was like a dream come true, over ten years of playing Final Fantasy and I got to enjoy my favorite element of the games live with a spectacular orchestra. I hope to go back if they come to the NYC area (which seems like something that they would be already doing but, no word yet) there’s a lot still to feel from the music and a lot of different pieces they could still do. Hall ad Oates was just plain fun, Daryl Hall and John Oates have been some of my musical muses for so long and they still can put on a great show. It was an outside event with great weather so it was just an all around good experience in totality.

There’s always something about coming back from a concert that’s depressing though, back to real life, things always seem to get real murky when you don’t have anything planned for the near future. I’m happy to be back in school but, I could honestly do without the stress of worrying about failing another class. Latin is scaring the bejesus out of me and I really don’t have anyone to help me figure it out, despite someone who said they knew but, turns out they weren’t that well versed in it.

I hope if I get money soon to see Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings again, it appears they’ll be playing in the Starland ballroom in Sayerville NJ in December. I went to the Starland Ballroom back in 07′ I think to see the Pretenders and It was a great venue but, it was too out of the way to get to, we couldn’t meet the band because the last train back into the city was leaving only a few minutes after the show ended. All in all it wound up being a tiring experience and I vowed not to do it again, but with nothing going on elsewhere what choice do I have?

My laptop…malfunctioned for lack of a better word, and I haven’t been writing Tekken, usually at this point I’m either convinced that I’m not going to continue or have forgotten the story in general. Tekken isn’t the same though, I still know what I want to say and I still want to say it! I can only hope that the money will come through quickly and that the expenses to fix it won’t be much. potientally I have a grant coming from CUNY this week (though I thought It’d come last week) that I’d probably use for a game or something, then in mid October I should get the remainder of my financial Aid which should pay for that expense and the unfortunate issue I’m having with my Ipod (which I’m considering just throwing away and getting a new one). I hope not but, think that I’ll incur another major expense between now and the arrival of my financial aid, that’s the luck I sometimes have with these kinda of situations.

That reminds me my best friend is supposed to deliver $50 to me for some work I did….

Anyway I hate neglecting this blog but, then only feel like I should type when I have something profound or worthy to say. The problem is at least prohibiting and at most an oxymoron. Occasionally and by that I mean rarely do I think I have something profound to say and then if I do I even more rarely feel the need to express it to anyone else. As much as other people insist that I am, I really feel I’m not an interesting person, though if you’ve managed to get this far in the blog entry then you must have some slight feelings otherwise.

I won’t even get into the depressed chasm I was in yesterday about not having a a band, I’ll just say I felt like the lowest person in the world.

I want to try to add  feature to this blog about music but, everything I think of is self righteous like my take on a style or band of music or something like that. I’m not one to expose people to new musics because admittedly my own range is acute and often borderline on the obscure but then also tends to be the very popular. We don’t really need another blog telling people the wonders of Michael Jackson’s music career do we?

I will mention my youtube page though it has the complete collection of the videos I post up. Most are Pretenders rarities that I’ve made available to the internet community whilst trying to outwit the greedy record industries.

Also I want to leave a video I encountered from a friend, it’s a cover of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love and I was absolutely floored by it and I hope you are too.


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