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In A Loop, There is no Finish line.

Posted in Uncategorized on October 6, 2009 by thenewserials

I’ve got an hour til my next class, let’s see if I can fill the page with something interesting shall we?

The Zombieland review I wrote turned out to be my most consecutively successful review to date. Meaning that it hasn’t had the most views at once but, the most sustained views over the course of a few days. I mention this because I wasn’t expecting at all for the review for this little movie to get so much attention. Much like I was expecting the movie to get so much attention and success either. I’m not going to chalk up the entire success to the creation of my one blog but, I do think the early viewings and subsequent reviews for the movie helped it out of obscurity. So in that respect I pat myself and other bloggers on the back.

Meanwhile outside of my anonymous internet life, I’m trying to do what I can to pass my latin class, and so far it’s a bad joke. Hopefully soon my genius will erupt and I’ll be writing sonnets in Latin but, until then the stress of worrying about failing is going to have to do me some service.

Swung by Nana’s house on Saturday with E and Y, they enjoyed themselves I think, It was nice introducing Y to Nana, my father and my uncle, maybe next time she’ll meet everyone else. We ended up watching “Taken” with Liam Neeson and I’ve been wondering if I should write an overdue review for it but, if I don’t what I want you to take away from this post is that I love Neeson and I love him even more after seeing him pummel 3/4 of France in this movie. We also watched “The Family That Preys” and I didn’t hate it, its more simplistic Tyler Perry crap but, the acting wasn’t bad and Kathy Bates was really enjoyable to watch the entire time. The ending was sad and it made me sad because of E’s situation with his grandfather and that furthermore gave me more ammunition to write in my play.

Did I not mention this in some other long winded and mostly ignored post? I have to write a single act or Multi-act play by the end of this semester for my Playwriting class. Not much of a challenge considering what that means, In Junior year of high school I wrote the school play during spring break and that was some forty pages so I probably could do this.

I’ve also chosen a story I’ve been pussy footing around writing for a little while now, in fact that’s how this blog started; as “The New Serials” where I was supposed to get some writers together to write serials on the blog and my first one was going to be this story but, again, I got lazy and never went more than two steps with it. So instead I’m going to write it as a play for this class.

Its essentially how I see the situation of E’s father dying going if things continuing the way they are now. It’s nothing profound and nothing really that personal but, it’s an interesting story that has a lot of grey areas and no real answer. Thats what makes it so easy right? No answer, no profoundness, why would anyone want to write or read it?

I’m probably not being too in-depth about the scope of it but, I honestly couldn’t sit here much longer and go into details about something I’m going to write, it feels wrong #1 because no one is probably reading this entry #2 if you are reading this entry you’ve closed the window before getting to this part #3 if you’ve gotten to this part you don’t give a crap about my play and #4 I was never good at promoting my own products. I have the frame of mind that if it comes from my being then its not that amazing because I don’t think that I’m that amazing of a person, though I will acknowledge I have a good deal of skill in some areas.

My relationship with E is moving in a direction. That’s the best way I can describe it, its going and its going somewhere but, where, why and when it’ll get there are harder answers to deduce. He’s going through a lot of crap right now and he doesn’t know how to deal, he keeps it quiet but, then after a small amount of time he totally shuts down, he panics and implode and on top of the mess he’s gotten into already with school, money and his home life it’s not the best thing to totally slow down on the fast track off of disaster. I made the ultimatum that he seek some professional help from the counselor at our college and naturally at first he gave me the proverbial finger about it but, then came to and went anyway. Now we’re awaiting his appointment and hopefully a shift back into the success he can achieve.

He’s embarrassed by going, and I don’t know where he’s learned this sense of shame from but, there’s no reason to be upset with having to talk to someone when stress has got you mired into a stale state. When I was in high school I went to a counselor once a week for free and I wish the option was opened to me again in the same way. His first response to me question is that he was “not crazy” and I was sort of shocked by the simplicity of his assumption, either someone taught him not to think or somewhere down the line he just forgot how to.

Either way he’s going and I can’t go in there with him and make him be cooperative. So I just have to cross my fingers and hope that he gets the help that he needs as a soon as possible so he can focus on the things that really matter in the end.

I started talking to H again too, I know none of you really know who that is but, this is now somewhat of a dialogue between my typing self and reading self where as I can imagine another being saying:

“Why did you start talking to H again?”

Oh because I was bored and I didn’t feel like keeping the barrier between us any longer. I really like him despite the fact that we’re exes we seem to really get each other in an odd way. His presence is thoroughly enjoyable and I love just thinking of him.

“Don’t you think you might get into the same situation with liking him and straining your current relationship”

Well if there was anything I proven to be in the past its irrationally forgiving. If that situation arises I’ll simply have to deal with it again, and this time I’ll have the previous experience to refer to.

“Won’t you be jealous if he starts dating someone”

See above.

“What about D and that whole thing? how are you going to juggle having potential feelings for D, H and E?”

Well surely only one can win and like I always say: people have a funny habit of showing you their real colors very early on. I can create a fantasy world in my head but neither H and D ever seem to take the initiative to make anything happen and since I’m already with E and I love him very much nothing is going to come of anything. Less some bruised egos.

I guess I’ve run the course of my thought process for this entry but, I want to leave with a few things I’m really looking forward to in the near and not so near future.

Money: My check should arrive in a week, thank God!

Final FantasyVII: Advent Children Complete: didn’t even know this existed til this morning but apparently its a longer more complete version of FFVII:AC so I want it!

Tekken 6: Don’t get me started, the greatest fighting game franchise in history is coming back with an action packed story driven game, This is the one I feel I’ve been waiting for.

24: New season in January, bout time been Bauerless for a little while now.

FF XIII: Looking forward to owning them all and playing them all.

That’s it, thanks for reading or not reading or whatever it is you do when you come to this page, just keep on coming.

I’ll leave you with my latest Upload on Youtube, it’s Cuban Slide by the Pretenders Live at the Capital theatre.