Something Profound; Something Pointless

As I wipe the dust off of this blog, I suddenly remember that has almost been an entire year since I’ve written in it.

Why is that? Well because I’m totally undisciplined and have convinced myself that I had something more important to do than write. It’s no surprise, I don’t have anything happening in my life to fill this blog with something that’ll make drop your orange juice in shock upon reading.

In fact it took me over an hour to figure out what the password to this thing was. But now that I know I guess I don’t have any real excuse not to type in it.

What has happened in the last almost 12 months that you should be kept in the loop about?

Nothing much, Jp Jones and Chrissie Hynde are putting out an album and I was lucky enough to go to a few shows and hear the music, great stuff can’t wait for August 24th to purchase the album and hear the rest of the work. Oil Spills, the end of the natural world…but, you know all about that already, so I won’t bore you with my idealistic ideas about what to do to the great Tony Hayward; who, apparently, only wants his life back.

Today is also the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. I’m not going to gush out my feelings here but, I will say that it’s hard to believe it’s been one year, since I was sitting here, with my heart pounding, hoping that the news reports were erroneous or at the very worst superfluous. It’s also hard to believe that a man who’s been in my life essentially since birth is dead, he was a hero of mine and now he’s gone.

It’s a strange world we live in; reality always seems more surreal than the ones in my dreams.

I’ve also joined on Twitter; I know somewhat of a sacrilege to my words but, I’m allowed to be a hypocrite. I’m doing it more as a business venture, get my name out there, my writing too. This blog will, hopefully, be a extension of my twitter site.

I’m still writing Tekken which can still be found in the same place it was before but; just in case you forgot where that was:

Take some time out to give it a read, it’s been really coming along despite the fact that I have taken somewhat of a break from it. I’ll get back to it, I always do. I’ve also been thinking of a lot of new projects, so if your interested in co-writing, ghost writing or even doing some artwork for a comic book or graphic novel, please get in touch with me I’d love to hear from you.

Alright that’s enough of this; we’ll be seeing each other again.


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