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On: Fallible Expectations

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As I sit here in the overflow room in at my campus I’m suddenly reminded that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to tonight. Another night alone watching television I don’t want to see.

maybe I’ll go the movies by myself but, that wouldn’t be fair to my dogs who like to have company and I don’t want to do to them what others have done to me.

Today I feel…alright. I don’t feel angry at the world as much as I usually do,  the same old betrayal and nonsense engulfs me but, what can I do? I can’t make people act the way I want them to act. The individual is a beautiful thing even when its ugly.

Though I’m starting to wonder what the point of being in love is. I mean I get it it’s nice sometimes and it works for a little while but, then it just dies like a slug sprayed with salt. It dissolves into a disgusting abomination I wish I hadn’t seen in the first place.

On the one hand I’ve got a man who has so many ambitions he can’t sit still. His mind and hormones and social life are all buzzing like bees and maybe I’m stupid but, I’ve found myself falling for him and he wouldn’t give me the time of day until recently. We had a great time, smiling and eating and being sexual and whatever but, then two days later he was on to the next one.

Why is it that I feel upset? There was no contract there, no one said neither of us could go out and pursue our fleshly, emotional and mental needs. Maybe I’m just idealistic and stupid, I shouldn’t have ever have put my self in that position because I knew, I KNEW this was going to happen. This is how it always happens, I think I’m some sort of treasure that should be beheld and cherished and really at the end of the day I’m nothing more than a chew toy. Amusing while in use but, other than that no lasting quality. As he said why should he care about anyones emotions over his own?

Self Preservation is man’s first instinct.

On the other hand I’ve got someone with such low ambition he can’t even stay awake. He slouches and whines and picks at his pathetic life and wallows in self pity that’s generated by his overzealous need for nothing. But I’m expected to treat this was some sort of excitement or at the very least some moderate transgression of interest. Some rule forbids me from being disgusted and repulsed by his line of thinking, my intellectual make up has run over some taboo that I didn’t know existed. And so when I talk to him I snap or I’m not as kind as I could be but, kindness is a tool that is allotted by some sort of respect and how can I respect something or someone who has utterly nothing to show for themselves at any point of any time? Furthermore why has he decided to hitch to me? I’m not wildly successful I’m moving at a moderate pace and barely that on my own, why hitch your suffering to that which you can easily take down? Isn’t it more a challenge to drain the soul of an Angel, aren’t the rewards greater then?

And on the foot I’ve got a guy who owes nothing to me in any fashion but, I want him to feel the way I feel about him. A constant ache to just have someone understand that I don’t ask for much but, I do ask for accountability. Someone who will finally think about me before they commit their actions? And why do I prescribe this falsehood on someone who doesn’t even live within 100 miles of me? Why have I let my silly little heart jump ahead of itself again and want someone who isn’t even emotionally there. He’s got problems of his own and I come with some much baggage you could pack you house in it.

I’ve lost control to some degree, I really have let myself be ruled by the inane actions of a few. So what If I’m a ‘nice guy’? That doesn’t strengthen someone’s allegiance or make them want to fight for you or make them someone who can even exist in my realm of insanity.

Why did I ever put these people on this pedal-stool, they’re just human beings. Imperfect, sometimes irrational, normal human beings. The pressures I’ve bestowed upon them are all the things I guess I want to be and can’t. Out of my broken pieces perhaps I could have welded together something greater but, I chose the wrong subjects and they had never asked for the positions.

And likely they’ll never give me the satisfaction that I want, not because its too much to ask of them but, really because they don’t WANT to. THAT’s the critical illusion to dispel.

But, like always; Tomorrow is a new Day.


The Pretenders At the Roseland Ballroom

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Roseland Ballroom


The Pretenders continued their “Break Up the Concrete” tour on their second stop in N.Y.C. at the Roseland Ballroom and like every show they didn’t disappoint.

The show began with an opening band named “American Bang” and whomever decided to skip the opening act just to see the Pretenders made a grave mistake. They were rockin’ and strutting like any good rocker could. They proved that classic rock and roll is not the only in the past.

“I just met Chrissie last night…” The lead singer commented during a small break in songs. “…you guys aren’t the only one”.

After their short; but, explosive set the Pretenders took stage and command. Starting out with “Boots of Chinese Plastic” The Band proved once (and hopefully for all) that they are not some wash-up 80’s band fighting for relevance. As Hynde strutted on stage throughout a great many guitar changes between her and lead guitarist James Walbourne, she seemed in great spirits. The Second song “Don’t Cut Your Hair” was dedicated to all the “Guys in the audience” and it blasted off with the same vigor and mature attitude as “Boots Of Chinese Plastic”.

“It’s always great to be in NYC” Hynde said with a large smile. “…this is the ‘Talk of the Town'”

and the band launched into the Pretenders II classic. “Message of Love”, “Don’t Lose Faith in Me” and “Love’s a Mystery” followed with great fanfare, aptly underscored by Eric Heywood’s steel guitar work.

“Back on The Chain Gang” only suffered from a severe case of nostalgia, clearly showing off Hynde’s mastery of writing and the band’s mastery of their art.

“It’s good to see you again!” Hynde exclaimed to the front row, and to my surprise she was actually speaking to me, she smiled and then went on. “This is a song by an amazing Song writer from Ohio” and the band promptly rocked out to the Robert Kidney tune “Rosalee”.

Here’s where James Walbourne shows off his chops, ripping a solo to shreds and making it seem easy at the same time. The band seemed comfortable as always playing the song, laughing and enjoying themselves as much as we were enjoying them.

“The Last Ride”, another tune from the new album followed and while it was slower and quieter it was nontheless just as masterful as anything else and easily one of the best written songs on the album.

To the joy of many of the old fans who came for a bout of nostalgia and familiarity “Stop Your Sobbing” “Day After Day” and “Don’t Get Me Wrong” came with strong abusiveness from the band. Suddenly The Pretenders seemed to be getting rough with their playing and even the sweet songs were beginning to feel more rock, almost to the point where one didn’t know what was going to come next.

The first surprise of the night came in the song “Tequila” that many older fans will know. First appearing on an album in 1994’s “Learning to Crawl” “Tequila” is one of the first songs Hynde had played with late Bass Guitarist Pete Farndon. The song was then recorded with nearly every line-up of the band from there on. The song came in with a great deal of confusion to most of the people at the Roseland Ballroom; but, not without enjoyment. The slow verses are perfectly combined with the rough and tumble bridge “Miles baby, hundred highways and truck-stops I’ve used/cause baby hundred of cars have passed and refused!” For all those, big fans and smaller fans alike “Tequila” was a rare gem dug up and won’t be soon forgotten.

“Thumbelina” followed next and James Walbourne again got to show off just why Chrissie chose him as her new lead guitarist. He takes the old Robbie Macintosh solo and tears it a new hole, so to speak, with great skill and attitude.

“Brass in Pocket” came and went a great song; but, no where near the impact of any of the other songs. Most people come just for this one song and really miss the entire point of the shows.

The second surprise of the night came with “Bad Boys Get Spanked” the Pretenders II song had been performed on the last tour; but, for some reason it felt like the first time it was ever played last night. Martin Chambers finally blasted off into the stratosphere rocking the drums to the point that Chrissie seemed to be in the WAY of my viewing his amazing mastery of his instrument. To watch him is to watch the best of the best, do better than you could ever expect.

The THIRD surprise came with “Tattooed Love Boys.” Chrissie looked at the front row and said: “this one is for you three right there” and again I was shocked to see her referencing myself and two of my friends to my right. I was sure what to expect; but, the familiar three note lick that James Honeyman-Scott played thirty years ago, snapped me back. It had all the rough and tumble that one can recall. and the Audience was on its toes singing along with Hynde. “I went apewire, because I thought that I liked it/little teast; but, I didn’t mean it/ but you mess with the goods doll and you gotta pay…yeah!” Martin Chambers again showed that even though he’s 57 he’s still got the energy and wickedness of someone half his age. James Walbourne rocked the solo and before you knew it the fire on the stage reached a climax with those three ending words. “You…are…that!”

The band did one more song on the list the title track “Break Up The Concrete” Hynde and co. Easily demolished the song with her “dak dak dak daka daka” and the band pulsating Bo-Diddly beat.

The band came out for two encores The First featured the original Pretenders hit “Kid” and the second was “Precious” the hardest rocking song in show business. John McEnroe joined the band for “Precious”.

The Second Encore featured the punk classic “The Wait” which knocked the audience on the floor. and the last song of the night was the best surprise of all.

“Up The Neck” rounded out the show with such beauty and harshness, that it left everyone praying for one more song.

In the end the message is clear. Not only have the Pretenders still got it…They’ve never lost it.

Dual Review: The Pretenders: Break Up The Concrete/The Pretenders Live At The Highline Ballroom

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The Pretenders Deliver that Itch You Can’t Scratch

Artist: The Pretenders

Album: Break Up The Concrete

Company: Shangi-La Music


“We’ve got a new record out…” Hynde says while taking a quick survey of the packed crowd. “…and you know that means something because I don’t say that much. Frankly I’ve been goofing around lately”

Who knows if Hynde is serious is telling the truth about “goofing around”; but, you wouldn’t be able to tell when you listen to Break Up the Concrete as a whole. The album is, what is being called, ‘back to roots’ rock and roll, and there’s not much to disappoint here. Around six years from their last fully new release (Loose Screw; Artemis Records), excluding a four CD, one DVD box set, Two two CD reissues of older albums and another Two one CD reissues of older albums (quite a busy six years), Break Up the Concrete is everything Loose Screw was not. Loose Screw had a reggae vibe Concrete is rockabilly, Screw was overproduced, Concrete is under-produced, Screw used a lot of prerecorded sounds, Concrete is very straight forward.

Concrete delivers a very different punch than some of the other Pretenders albums. It’s first track and single  “Boots Of Chinese Plastic” opens the Pretenders season with a hard bang and will grab you at the throat;, Much like “Precious” did years ago on the band’s first Album. That doesn’t mean that Concrete is all Power Chords and Distortion, the album has it’s share of Ballads that range from the sarcastically familiar “You Didn’t Have To” to the odd; but, amazing “Almost Perfect” to the dream “Love’s a Mystery”. Anyone afraid of ballads is in for a surprise; the songs are taken with careful recklessness. Most of the songs; feel like their on the brink of going off the uninhibited edge; but, manage to keep their beautiful sounds while delivering a rock edge.

Concrete sees Hynde working with a relatively new bunch of faces. The most notable of them James Walbourne who replaces long time member and fan favorite Adam Seymour, also joining are Eric Heywood on Pedal Steel, the legendary Jim Keltner steps in for original drummer Martin Chambers and Nick Wilkinson (who has been touring with the band for a couple of years) gets his first album recording with the band. The new blood seems to have a good effect on Hynde; the new music is certainly is different from previous works (most so “Almost Perfect) and the band hits the new pavement hard and don’t relent. There are some things there that remind me of the “old” Pretenders music; “Don’t Lose Faith In Me” is a wonderful blend of 1999 Viva El Amor‘s “One More Time” and the rare masterpiece: “Happy Christmas”; and the delightfully over achieving “The Nothing Maker” is a watered down Version of Viva’s “Biker”. That being said Concrete is a fun album that deserves a few listens. Admittedly it doesn’t feel “right” at first; but, after time the genius in the songs begins to radiate.

That’s not to say there aren’t some parts of the album that don’t seem to hit the mark. “The Nothing Maker” is essentially a song about high moral codes which doesn’t inspire to be of high value. Lyrically Hynde “does nothing” here; and her usual masterful weaving of social problems and the effect on the, more than human soul seems to be missing here, replaced is a highly repetitious drawl. Hynde coos: “He makes nothing, he’s the Nothing Maker, he’s the maker of nothing, he’s the nothing Maker” and once you hear the chorus of the song you’ve got the jist of the song. The guy does nothing…over and over and over. There’s also a few song that seem like they dissipate as soon as you stop hearing it. “You Didn’t Have To”, “The Last Ride” and the beautifully written; but, somehow missed “One Thing Never Changed” fade in comparison to the other songs. They’re not bad; but, something about them doesn’t resonate after a listen.

All in all Concrete isn’t the best work by the band; but, that’s not an insult considering what they’ve achieved in twenty-eight years. The album is a great listen and it’s essential; the Pretenders are back and there’s no doubt that they’re going to continue rocking and showing that they truly one of the most enduring and skilled bands in history.

Grade: A-


Venue: The Highline Ballroom

Artist: The Pretenders

Date: 10.7.08

Despite what you may have heard on the line; The Pretenders haven’t taken that long of a break from touring. Just over a year ago they toured to promote their wonderful Box Set Pirate Radio; doing a lot of the old rarer songs and giving flare to some of the more known songs. Since then the Band has put out a new album; dropped a member, replaced him and added a new instrument to their line-up: A Pedal Steel. Even the most hardened Pretenders fan felt a good deal of uncertainty in what to expect at the Highline Ballroom last night; their performance on the David Letterman show the night before and the Today Show earlier that morning was proof that they “ain’t dead yet”; but, was it proof that they still were a solid band?

Quickly let’s give thanks to the Staff at the Highline last night; they were gracious and extremely friendly; they made the night all the more enjoyable. Let’s also give thanks to RPX 101.9 for throwing the show and having some very friendly staff who provided us with T-shirts and an abundance of smiles. Lastly; but, not least let’s thank Mayor Bloomberg,  and the Parks Department of NYC for using part of the money raised in ticket sales and other things to plant trees all around the city.

Now for the show.

The band was uncharacteristically late; the show starts at 9 they were out at around 9:15-9:30. Not bad at all considering how long some other bands have fans wait. They came out in fine form looking good and smiling and quickly went into their first song: “Chinese Boots Of Plastic”. Instantly they sold the show. With that one song anyone who was wondering if they could still do it knew that they could…and did. The band is slightly different from their album credits; James Walbourne, Chrissie Hynde and Nick Wilkinson return on stage while original Drummer Martin Chambers re-joins the band on stage and a new Steel Pedalist joins the band (adding, no less, more manic and extreme edginess to most of the songs).

The band shot through the first song bursting out: “Every dog that lives it’s life on the chain, knows what it’s like waiting for nothing…and by the way you look fantastic in your boots of Chinese plastic” at the end of the song and sending the crowd into an uproar. The dog on the chain analogy is a good way to describe how the band felt last night. As if they were just about to snap of the chain and rip us to shreds. They rocked and they rocked hard.

Without pause they went into another song on the album: “Don’t Cut Your Hair” a quirky song that has Hynde showing off her bravado and strut through the lyrics of : “Don’t Cut it, Don’t Chop it, It’s like a bomb if you got it don’t drop it yeah! If you got a man go ahead and flaunt it, any guys lying if he says he doesn’t want it.”

The band proceeded to go into a classic “Talk of Town” nicely assimilated with the pedal steel. Today it still has that dreamy effect it had on many years ago in 1981. Some more classics and new songs followed including “Message of Love”, “Loves a Mystery” and “Back on the Chain Gang”; but, the show really came alive when the band went into a Robert Kidney original: “Rosalee”. Here’s where James Walbourne gives fans their first reason not to worry about his being in the band. Hynde’s outstanding voice tears Rosalee through a series of emotions while Wilkinson, and Chambers, give a rhythm section to die for; but, Walbourne rips a solo that is nothing short of phenomenal and reminiscent of Jeff Beck. The songs groovy stop-and-go feel makes it almost unpredictable and seemingly an adventure on it’s on. The Price of admission to the show was paid in full WITH collateral by the band; by, the end of “Rosalee”. the band rocked through some old Favorites; giving not only a new breath of life to them; but, seemingly doping them up on speed. “Day After Day” is not as I remember it on Pretenders II; it knocked me over and spun me around with that memorable guitar line ; drum progression and the unforgettable lyrics (Way up in the sky, over the city, where you sleep tonight, the lights outside your window blink ‘hotel, hotel, hotel, open the blind and dream in a moonbeam). “Brass in Pocket” came and went with much joy; (Hynde even letting me deliver the “Special” back-up line each time). The first part of the show ended with the title track “Break Up The Concrete” a fun Bo Diddly like song which insist we should “Shake it, break it, earthquake it…Break up the Concrete”.

The band quickly came back out for an encore that was essentially to die for. They delivered “Kid” from the first album, wonderfully; but, everyone who was at the show knows that this next song stole the show. “Thumbelina” from the album Learning to Crawl takes on a whole new idea when it’s played by the new band. James Walbourne DESTROYS the song with a great display skill, talent and reckless abandon. Hynde coos “Hush little baby, go to sleep, look out the window and count the sheep, that dot the hillsides in the fields of wheat, across America, as we cross Amer-RI-Ca. what’s important here today:the broken line on the highway!” while James Walbourne delivers a long, blistering solo that tore down the walls of the Ballroom. Anyone who didn’t feel “Thumbelina” might have the same effect as a nuclear bomb is without a pulse. I can’t stress this enough go see this band if ONLY for this song. That wasn’t the end though; with the Highline still electric and suffering from aftershocks of “Thumbelina” Hynde began to speak: “You know there’s been a sudden re-interest in punk rock…not that we give a fuck” and blasted into “The Wait.”. There aren’t really words to describe what happened during “The Wait”; but, if there’s a truth to the expression “Musical Orgasm” then the droves of people smoking afterwords had good reason.

The Pretenders are back and clearly without flaw. Martin Chambers after the show offered some insight to an actual tour. “Late January…I can’t wait”

And Neither can we.

“Maybe Tomorrow…Maybe Someday”

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Halloween is almost here and I haven’t begun to construct my costume.

I’m a  little concerned that I won’t be able to get all the parts of the costume in the next three weeks; but, if I’m lucky and frugal enough there shouldn’t be any reason why I don’t.

Since the last time I blogged nothing has really happened; I’ve been spending my days playing my Genesis Emulator on the PSP; enjoying old school games like “Pirates of Dark Water” , “Monopoly” and “Sonic SpinBall”. The old games still back that same punch and can even hang with some of the games of the present day.

Movie and T.V. news is the same. Quantum of Solace and 24 are still coming out…yay!

Break Up The Concrete is coming out Tuesday along with the show at the Highline Ballroom. It’s almost here and I am more than almost ready. I have yet to hear the last two songs on the album (“Break Up the Concrete” and “One Thing Never Changed”) but; I’m tempted to do a mini review of the album. I won’t, there are other things I can talk about.

Yesterday I visited my grandmother in Queens. A spur of the moment “Daycation” with my mother. It was very nice; the last time I had seen her was Christmas of 07′ and its always a pleasure to be in her company. It’s bitter sweet when you love someone like a grandparent, because you’re watching them get old. Yesterday she repeated herself a lot, her memory isn’t great and she now walks with a cane. But at Seventy-something what do you expect right? That being said she still has her wit. While my mother and I were watching T.V. something brushed against our feet (a hair from Max, my grandmother’s very overweight Welsh Corgi) and we both looked down to inquire. She asked us what was wrong and we said “nothing” to which she responded.

“oh ok…let me know if I have to run”

That single line made me smile the rest of the day; it’s moments like that that remind me I’m a lucky guy. I don’t have a lot; but, what I do have is top notch.

It was good to take this “daycation” with my mother; we barely ever go out together anymore and sometimes it’s just good to get away…even if it is just to Queens. I was little upset Engels didn’t come. He couldn’t because he had to work; but, I don’t know as much as he annoys me and bores me sometimes I never seem to want to do anything without him.

Before my mother and I left for Queens we were coming down the stairs in our building and she, quite vocally, sung: “Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe someday. You’ve Changed…” That’s probably the extent of what she knows; but, it was funny to hear my mother sing a Pretender’s song, unprompted. Sometimes I wonder if she can really process what the Pretenders are to me…

That brings me to “Talk of the Town”…If you haven’t heard so now.

There’s a few things I wanted to bounce off the internet before my next post; which will probably be all about the concert and what not.

#1: The Presidential debate: Wasn’t it interesting? Both candidates performed well and at some points even seemed human, McCain called out Obama on some of his policies, and Obama called out McCain on his telling half of the story about Obama’s policies. I think if we had to pick a ‘winner’ It would have to be…


I mean the guy was so on-point, more than what anyone really thought he would be. This was to supposed to McCain’s bag; but, Obama proved he’s not a push over. Now…for the Vice Presidential debates.  To quote Matt Damon (probably the last time I do this) “She’s like a bad Disney Movie”


Now for everyone who knows me, knows that I can’t stand stupidity and gimmicks. This is the whole reason why I don’t watch foolishness like “SmallVille”; but, no matter how hard I try to get away it finds me. There’s really no other way to explain why they would make a show about a Pre-Robin Dick Greyson aside from…desperateness. CW has been struggling to stay afloat in ratings long before it’s switch to the new name. To show a Gotham and not show Batman is like to read the bible and not mention Jesus. It’s pretentious and desperate.

#3: Here in NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg (whom I’m fond of) is apparently going to try to run for a third time. He cites the economic disaster as his reason; but, I’m sure he considered this before the crisis. I like the guy. Giuliani came in here and made the city look nice; but, Bloomberg came in here and actually made the city a nice play to live and visit. The guy is to the point and will not apologize for doing the right thing. I think he’s about as honest as a politician can get and he seems to know whats best. The man is planning for the future of New York well after he’s gone. This is not to say that he’s perfect; I draw major issues with his handling of the schools. It’s essentially help the ones that are doing well and let the rotting ones die. While schools are there to educate kids they are severely undermining the staff and the good people who help the kids. The kids in high school are not all smiles and hallmark cards; some of these kids are horrible; filthy, rude monsters and it takes a real dedicated person to put up with them. But nothings perfect…is it?

Until next time…


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I initially planned to write this blog while listening to the newest Pretenders songs available at; but, today they seem to be moving slow in getting it up. That’s unfortunate.

The ironic thing is that the feeling I have right now on the new Pretenders song is the same I have for life currently. It’s a long and, sometimes, impatient waiting.

Bond Is Back

Bond Is Back

It seems that this year has been the year for waiting for me. I waited for Dark Knight; I waited for school; I waited for Engels. I’m waiting for “Break Up The Concrete” and subsequently a tour, I’m waiting for Qauntum of Solace. It seems as if nothing is happening anytime soon and it can be a little frustrating. The good side to that is that I know they will eventually come and when they do I’llenjoy them, I’m sure; but, what the hell do I do in the meantime.

Right now I’m waiting for my acting II class to start; and I have an whole hour to sit here and blog to all of you in the meantime.

That’s not to say my day wasn’t filled with some positives. I’m always scared about failing at music; but, today I understood what the hell my professor was talking about and it made me feel like I was worth a little something.

The Force Unleashed is being released today; however I won’t be able to get my copy until Friday. I’m excited to see what’s in this game. They’ve been harping about it for a little more than a year now and Lucas Arts seems to be getting better at making games. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to ever go back to the days of Masters of Tera Kasi and Jedi Power Battles.

The biggest question in my mind is this: How will The Force Unleashed fit into the Star Wars universe? It gets tiring when we’re always going back between episodes and saying “well that person has to die because they’re not in the next episode.” and then seeing the result and getting a vague answer (I’m talking about you Clone Wars) I would hope that The Force Unleashed fits easily into the Star Wars Universe making more sense of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. Furthermore how can they make this new apprentice so strong without undermining the powers of all the Jedi before him and some of the people after him. If he’s so Strong then why didn’t he just destroy the Empire?

Halloween is coming and that means crunch-time at my job. This year just feels as if it’s going to be more hectic then last. It’s really unbareable now because my I-pod doesn’t work (again) and I have no other form of music. I’ve been getting by witrh playing my PSP; but, sooner or later I’m going to have to buckle down and either get the I-pod fixed (again) or buy the appropriate software to get music on the PSP.

With Dark Knight passed and “BreakUp The Concrete” not happened yet; this has been a very unusually quiet part of my year. I promise in three weeks there’s going to be a lot to say.

I cannot wait to see the Pretenders October 7th!

and yet…I still am Waiting.

I’m back

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This is my millionth try at a blog.

Hopefully I can be a little more thorough and keep up with it this time around.

If not…

Anyway; today is September, 11th 2008. I usually spend the day trying to ignore the obivious meaning of the day. I live in NYC so the only way to ignore it is to shut  the T.V. off and sit down and find something to do.

This year I decided not to.

I turned the T.V. on and watch the newscast. Needless to say there was just saddness and heartbreak on it. I’ll admit to crying quite a bit. Even seven years later it doesn’t seem any more understanable than it was when it just happened.

I’ve got nothing interesting going on in this week. I’m back at Lehman College taking a couple of classes.

African American Theatre

Reporting I

Acting II and

Music Theory.

I suppose i am going to choose music as my major; but, we’ll see.

Next week promises to be a little more interesting. The newest Star Wars game The Force Unleashed will be..well…Unleashed. I have it pre-ordered and am ready to get playing.

In the meanwhile I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter Vs. X-men.

Dark Knight is going to be re-released in January; so I’ll be back at that at the beginning of next year.

I never know what to say in these blogs.  I should be concerned with other things. But I’m not so…whatever.

I promise more interesting post in the future; especially when the Pretenders come around!

Break Up the Concrete is coming!!!!!!!!!!

Break Up the Concrete is coming!!!!!!!!!!