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Overdue Review: The Rezillos “Can’t Stand The Rezillos. The (Almost) Complete Rezillos”

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Punk Gets Smart!

Punk Gets Smart!

Can’t Stand The Rezillos. The (Almost) Complete Rezillos is one of the best albums you can buy at any record store.

Prefaced with that; this review will probably end up being a long gushing period of how much I personally enjoy this CD. It has humor; it has class, it has a song about the best T.V. show of the period (Thunderbirds!). There’s nothing not to like on this album except that the booklet shamelessly announces that the live version of “Destination Venus” had to be omitted (damned ‘time constrictions’!). Still there’s something to be desired by the album, in a good way, after listening to this album you just want MORE Rezillos.

The Rezillos had a signature sound; like many of the best bands out there, but, they’re a unique kind. The Space propaganda/punk/new wave sound is something that doesn’t happen to often. Clearly being thrown from the 50’s and 60’s the Rezillos bring the ‘old future’ to music and do it in the humerous way that allows for laughs and good rock music. A friend of mine said: “The Rezillos are like an edgier B-52’s” and he was very right. “Rock Lobster” is now “Flying Saucer Attack”.

The band is such top form that it’s hard to believe that it can get any better than what they are at the time. John Callis on Vocals nd Guitar, Simon Templar on Bass, Angel Paterson on Drums, Eugene Reynolds and Fay Fife on Vocals, William Mysterious on extra Bass and Saxaphone and Gail Warning on backing Vocals, help make the album an expirence.

From the first track “Flying Saucer Attack” in which Fife tells the story of our universal neighboors coming down to clear out our skylines (“Tell everybody to run and hide because the end is near at hand! Flying Saucer Attack, I’m never coming back, oh oh oh until it’s over), to the last track “Mystery Action” where Reynolds energetically states about a woman “She’s never far away; but, she’s always out of sight” and everything in between is full of a band playing at their best and loving every moment.

Another unique quality to the album is that most of the songs are covers from the 60’s pop era; given a smack of punk rock at it’s best. This isn’t the monotone punk that deserved death at the end of the 70’s this is the punk that you MISSED when it left.

From start to finish it’s hard to pick a favorite song; this album isn’t dominated by the popular “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight”, the album contains catchy tune after catchy tune and none of them let up with the rock. There’s not one ballad on this album and it never seems rushed. Every moment of every song seems classic from the opening of “It Gets Me” (“You suddenly don’t like words you talk so much it’s uncool) to the barrage of anger in “Bad Guy Reaction” (“Oh do think I’m stupid, don’t ever try to put me down!”) you find yourself entranced at how diverse and fun the album is.

The second half the album has the Rezillos live; which is a testemant to their good work; the listener is treated to the familiars(my baby does, good Sculptures), some newbies(Teen Beat) and some oldĀ  non-Rezillos Classics (Land of a thousand Dances and I need you). There’s not a moment to be missed and there’s nothing else to say in this review except; go get the damned thing if you haven’t got it yet.

Rating out of 10